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* Easter card tutorial *

"Hoppy Easter"

Okay, normally my blog is in German. But I know, many of you prefer English, so I will try to present that tutorial in English to you
(my English Grammar isn't the best, so be prepared ;))
Something wonderful happended: I was selected by Andrea Gomoll to be part of her cre8tive team for Cre8tive Creations. So, that's my first official creation with her products.

I used her "Hoppy Easter/ Spring" printable stickers.
(You will find the link to her shop below)
 First I cut out the motives, I wanted to use for my card with a scissor.
--> If you want to create 3D effects, print out your stickers on heavyweight paper (the base on thin paper).

Than I had to create my background for the card.
I decided to use some ink sprays (water reactive) and acrylic paint (water proof after dried).

First I mixed the acrylic paint with water and than sprinkled it onto the white paper, using a brush. --> Let it dry.

Than I sprayed the paper with water and the ink sprays.
--> Play around :)(You can add "watery" effects by dripping water on the dried inks and removing the water with kitchen roll.)
Let it dry.

Here is a little tip: If you want to look your blossoms more dimensional, you can use a score tip and working with it on the backside of your blossoms on a soft base (I used wool felt :)).

If you don't own such a tool, you could also use a quilling tool.

Can you see the difference? On the left handside the "modeled" blossom, on the right handside the "just cutted" one.

Time to put it all together :)
I used vellum to create a softer blending between the background and the motiv itself. I also "modeled" some of the leaves.
--> Use foam pads to create additional dimension :)

Okay, now the finishing touches :)
I wanted to add some sparkly effects, so I used my Sparkle Mod Podge. At the end, I added pearls to the centers of the blossoms.

Done :)

--> You will find the stickers I used here:

For feedback or any questions, please leave me a comment.

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